2007 Toyota Prius – First Drive – Car and Driver

Technical directory Larry Webster discusses the Toyota Prius hybrid.

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18 thoughts on “2007 Toyota Prius – First Drive – Car and Driver

  1. MariaRanfj says:

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  2. hongkongsucksballs says:

    there full of shit about the gas mileage,my aunt has a 08 model and it gets 44mpg over all.

  3. pshawfocus says:

    I own a Prius with 95000 miles and it still drives as new. The engine and gearbox are perfect and I still get 55mpg (UK gals) with zero effort. The Prius biggest “problem” is that it’s misunderstood, people are too lazy to become accustomed to it’s few nuances before writing it off. An example? The brakes aren’t hard to modulate – drive for 5 mins and you’ll be used to them. But I don’t care – enjoy your F150’s etc – my gas savings get me 5 vacations a year, Apple’s, gifts for my nieces…

  4. fleckenstien says:

    60/51 mpg? LOL!

    A friend of mine just got one and it get more like 45/50.

    I bought a 1997 BMW 318 about a year ago, the little thing gets over 40 mpg on the highway, where I do most of my driving. It looks great and handles awesome, much unlike the Prius.
    For around town I have a truck that runs on vegetable oil, which I love just as much. I wouldn’t be caught dead driving one of these snotpiles.

  5. TeamCrusade says:

    I don’t care about the death trap’s mpgs, I still getting my F-150. When my truck accidently crashes your Prius, …. make sure you will is written.

  6. hongkongsucksballs says:

    i drove one of these cars its over rated,if gas wasnt so high no one would give a shit about this car.

  7. creamyfilling102 says:

    idk what’s so borring about it. i think it’d be kinda cool driving a futuristic machine like that. the only thing it lacks is performance; and if that’s what you look for in a car, then don’t bitch about it. just drive something else.

  8. muslimboy101 says:

    one of frist ppl to comment suckassss, lol its a good car it gets me hecka gas millage but all my friends hate on it 🙁

  9. homemadevids says:

    These are in demand now, my friend was told there was a six-month waiting list at the dealership.

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