Why do US major auto makers not implement hydrogen fuel cell cars across the country along with fuel stations?

Regular Americans cant afford Hydrogen fuel cell cars on their own and the only place that has it CA, they have every thing there. Well what about the rest of us. Regular Gas Mileage doesn't do crap its still polluting the earth and killing off the best natural resource known to man EVER hydrogen would solve so much pollution problems. Hydrogen has been proven save, yes it will cost billions of dollars but even in this so called recession the huge companies have billions if not trillions stocked away i mean really how many numbers do they need in their bank statements to feel like "rel men" WTF im happy with 20 bucks and something to eat. It is the only way its going to happen is if the govt and major car makers put up hydrogen fuel stations and sell them nation wide and hopefully world wide. Imagine the billions of metric tons of CO2 per year no longer in our air, the world is at an all time low of O2 content ever in recorded history. Just something to think about, and if any automakers happen to read this just imagine how insanely rich you would be if you are the first company to go nation wide with this hydrogen plan. Sounds like a winner to me 🙂