2010 Toyota Prius – Kelley Blue Book


2010 Toyota Prius. As the go-to symbol of environmental consciousness, the Toyota Prius enters its third generation with improved under 10-second zero-to-60 acceleration thanks to a more powerful version of its hybrid synergy drive gas-electric powertrain. At the same time, the 2010 Toyota Prius sees improved fuel economy with an estimated average of 50 mpg thanks in part to a low-drag super-slick new shape. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit http://www.kbb.com today.

California Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Our reporter, Gavin D. J. Harper visits California and speaks to Roy Kim of the California Fuel Cells Partnership and Diedra Wylie of General Motors. Produced in association with the PURE Energy Centre.

2007 Toyota Prius – First Drive – Car and Driver

Technical directory Larry Webster discusses the Toyota Prius hybrid.

2010 Toyota Prius – Car News – http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/hot_lists/car_shopping/green_machines/2010_toyota_prius_car_news?cid=95

Stingiest Sippers – Feature – http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/hot_lists/high_performance/features_classic_cars/stingiest_sippers_the_10_most_fuel_efficient_vehicles_in_the_u_s_feature?cid=95

Test Driving a Hydrogen-Powered Turbo Prius

The LA Auto Show isn’t just about looking at alternative fuel vehicle—today it was about driving them too. West Coast Editor Ben Stewart spent a few minutes with Quantum Technologies and their turbocharged hydrogen powered Prius. Yes we did say turbocharged but no it won’t dust your buddy’s Camaro.

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Trucks Buses Boats need HHO Water Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Super TurboFuelCell as shown in the picture that can be fitted to a Diesel or Petrol engine. The designer of fuel cells is a designer of Jet engines and he had a contract with the American military to both redesign a jet engine to increase power and fuel efficiency. This type of HHO gas unit was used in part to help achieve those desired results.
Apparently fuel cells have been tested on jet engines to enhance power and fuel performance. If it has helped in those extreme conditions it can potentially create the desired result of making your engine more green by saving fuel on both petrol and diesel power units. Installation with a little tweaking can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%. Depending on diesel spend weekly for trucks there is a potential to save up to £400.00 out of every £1000.00 spent.
The installation is very simple as the Super TurboFuelCell comes with a graphic installation manual. Remember one litre of water produces a staggering 8,000 litres of HHO Gas.
Hundreds of pounds potential Savings monthly on Fuel
Give your car, pick up, truck, boat the amazing power of environmentally friendly Oxygen and Hydrogen power.
Hydrogen Fuel cell helps:
• Engine to run smoother
• Saves on fuel costs
• Reduces emissions by up to 50%
• Gives more power for less fuel.
• Engine run Cleaner with less carbon build up.
• Increases engine life
• Engine runs cooler
• Engine to suffer less wear
The Cell is simple to install made from long lasting components.

Up until now most of the tuning focus on vehicles has been to increase the acceleration and high performance. Fuel consumption has been far down the list of priorities. Yet you can have your cake and eat it. You can have better performance and fuel consumption together with reduced maintenance.