Water Fuel

The element hydrogen satisfies an incredible range of possible energy uses to power all end-user energy needs.

There are many devices that are now coming on to the market that makes use of hydrogen as an efficient energy source.

Fuel cells in use today are used as clean backup power,
to power distant remote areas, and more complex systems that allow excess
Electricity generation to be used in other areas (cogeneration).

There are companies right now that have products in place to use hydrogen fuel cell technology for portable applications such as powering a laptop.

The direction of hydrogen fuel cell technology is moving ahead to replace imported petroleum that we use in our cars and trucks.

One use of water fuel cell technology is to take chemical energy generated from the use of hydrogen and convert it to electricity. Amazingly – plain water is the source with the only byproduct being heat!

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has more than 2x better efficiency than current combust able engine design.

Fuel cell efficiency is more than 30% more efficient than in today’s combustible engine power plant.

In a typical gas engine the efficiency of converting energy in gasoline into power that moves a truck or car is 20% less than in hydrogen fuel cell cars and trucks.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells have a number of benefits including
operating smoother and quieter.

To produce energy a cell is an electrolyte between two electrodes. With bi-polar plates on the sides that evenly distribute hydrogen gas and also doubles as current collectors.

So the Hydrogen in the fuel cell is the energy carrier that stores and delivers energy in a practical form.

A great way to add this type of technology (not a fuel cell) to your car or truck is with a kit that you install on your engine.

It doesn’t cost much relative to the potential money saving benefits. Just add water!

To Get Hybrid Water Technology

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