Water Fuel Cell Powered Cars? Are They Real?

It is no secret that the steady upward climb of fuel prices are starting to affect Americans. At the time of writing this, most communities in America are paying well over $4 per gallon of fuel. Some people can’t fill their vehicles. As a result people have to become more efficient with gasoline.

Some are buying hydrogen fuel cell cars or hybrid cars, but what about those people that cannot afford to run out and buy an alternative energy vehicle?

Some are converting their cars over to water power.  Does using water fuel cell technology work?

The technology of using water for gas is actually at least 90 years old.  Patents for this have been on file for over forty years. Many people already know about hydrogen fuel cells but do not know how easy it is to convert water to hydrogen and use it to power their home vehicles.

The water fuel cell system simply uses electricity from the car battery to change the water from H20 (water) into HHO (also called browns gas).

The actual cell housings themselves can be made of different material.

Some are hho cell glass as well as plexiglass. The one criteria in these hho schematics is that the housing is “see-through”. So that you can visually inspect the device as its running. Some commercial HHO products like the $1200 Hydro 4000 uses a non see-through cylinder for its housing.

A great side effect and benefit after an hho gas generator install to your car or truck there are less pollutants going into the air we breathe. Less emissions from cars and trucks helps save the ozone layer. But why are more people not using these water fuel systems even if its a simplified fuel cell?

For one, there isn’t a lot of money to be made.  Water is far too abundant, safe, and easy to use than gas.  If water powered systems were commercial viable, a lot of big businesses would lose money. If you were to switch to a hydrogen fuel cell system you could use water from your kitchen sink to fuel your car.  Something we would all want for sure. It certainly is a dream and a reality now thanks to water fuel systems.

There are websites online that sell information on how to convert your car to run half on water.  

You can really save a bundle with this so it’s hard not to check it out.