I’m trying to find a hydrogen fuel cell chip for an electronics project, where is a good one at?

I recalled seeing a hydrogen fuel cell that was implemented on a chip that you could use for low power applications in an electronics project, but I am having trouble finding it. Where could I find a low-power chip that generates electricity from water to get the hydrogen for sale at?

Global warming: Does it take MORE energy to create hydrogen than PROVIDED in hydrogen fuel cell cars?

The round trip is a net loss isn't it? We use electricity to convert H2O into H and O.

Then in a hydrogen fuel cell car, we RE-convert the H and O back into H2O again.

So it is a round trip.

But since every mechanical device LOSES energy through friction and heat and waste, the round trip from H2O to H & O and back to H2O LOSES energy.

Isn't this right? So how will a hydrogen economy run the country or replace oil-burning cars?

Could a person use a device that splits water like for hydrogen fuel cell car but keep oxygen for scuba diving?

I heard that this canadian invented a device that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Companies use this device to store hydrogen in tanks until it can be used for a hydrogen fuel cell car(like they do in iceland). My question is can you store the Oxygen instead to go on the ultimate scuba adventure? My dads a scientist, but we’re not talking right now so I thought I would ask here.

does anyone know anything about when the Honda hydrogen fuel cell will be available to the masses?

trying to save $ for a Prius, but i figure by the time i have money for that the Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell will, hopefully, be open to the public. pretty much, by the time i save up for the Prius, the new Honda hydro. cell should be ready for release. does anyone know when it will be ready for the full public to use? any info that isn't already on the site? i'd like to learn more about this car.