I’m trying to find a hydrogen fuel cell chip for an electronics project, where is a good one at?

I recalled seeing a hydrogen fuel cell that was implemented on a chip that you could use for low power applications in an electronics project, but I am having trouble finding it. Where could I find a low-power chip that generates electricity from water to get the hydrogen for sale at?

Global warming: Does it take MORE energy to create hydrogen than PROVIDED in hydrogen fuel cell cars?

The round trip is a net loss isn't it? We use electricity to convert H2O into H and O.

Then in a hydrogen fuel cell car, we RE-convert the H and O back into H2O again.

So it is a round trip.

But since every mechanical device LOSES energy through friction and heat and waste, the round trip from H2O to H & O and back to H2O LOSES energy.

Isn't this right? So how will a hydrogen economy run the country or replace oil-burning cars?

Why do people have a problem with Hybrid or Pure Electric vehicles?

I don't see why we can't see that sometime in the near future we as americans are going to have to find another source of fuel but it seems that to most Americans Gas is it and they don't see any other alternative.

Look people these Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that the auto company's are showing you are a bunch of crap. Just as easy as you can make a Hydrogen Car you can develop an electric car because basically a hydrogen car is an electric car they just use hydrogen (FUEL) to make electricity instead of Batteries

Somebody had asked a question about what to do with hybrid batteries when we replace them. I don't know what do we do with the million plus Cell phone batteries and Laptop batteries that are all over the world ohh yeah we recyle them.You see the same batteries that power your laptop and you cell phone can power your car ohh and power your home through your electric vehicle if you have a VEHICLE TO GRID charging setup . You People need to wake up!

Do fuel cells hold a formidable advantage over liquid hydrogen kept at harsh below freezing temperatures ?

Fuel cell technology being developed by several automakers, namely Honda and Chevy, is a non-combustion form of energy unlike liquid hydrogen which essentially uses the same engine structure as conventional cars. This require liquid hydrogen to be kept in the vehicle at 420 degrees below zero which is costly. In fuel cells, hydrogen based cells are kept on stacks. A hydrogen – oxygen reaction creates electricity that powers the car. The fuel cells are refilled with the hydrogen chemical.