25 thoughts on “Eco King Returns – 2010 Toyota Prius – 2009 Detroit Auto Show

  1. KimberlyLihb says:

    Great Supra Video! Come check out the Toyota Supra Community at
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  2. ricker20006 says:

    When prices are high, when have you ever heard someone say, “damn, my prius is a ugly and that is why I do not get good gas milage or the price of gas is to damn high?”

  3. bigtrem95 says:

    The look is not very appealing. Sure it is very fuel efficient, but it is not a thing I would want to by. It is too basic looking, if you know what I mean.

  4. GDR352 says:

    Impressive technology, but it still looks like a giant jelly bean. Can’t they give it a sleek and sporty look that makes it something you want to be seen driving around in?

  5. jhail20 says:

    that was the early test phase, the volt is built upon the old EV1 platform, where as toyota has been known to steal ideas, alot. you may also want to know that japanese cars were originally sold at a lose to make them cheaper for consumers. I’ll wait for the Cadillac Converj. The only beef I have with the volt is the toyish interior, not suited for a car, the outside is good though.

  6. emforty2 says:

    3rd generation so how about the volt? still a science project generation

    GM has more corporate jets on its fleets than functional volt vehicles

    see youtubes ” GM chevy volt fails “

  7. darkflame737 says:

    Insight still has a good ‘Sport’ mode with active fuel efficiency monitor. It even has that ‘green light for green’ thing to tell you whether you are doing well or not. At least honda is honest in saying that there is no guaranteed mileage – it depends on the driving style.

  8. BBdirtbiking says:

    It may be very fuel efficient at lower speeds, but when it gets up to the interstate speeds you would have better fuel millage in a BMW M3, and not to mention that the Prius looks atrocious.

    If you do not believe me with that fact, i got the information from Top Gear, as they tested it around their track.

  9. khafanov says:

    diesels are the way to go.. u get the high torque and fuel efficiency+ there is no battery to need to replace.. the engine lasts much longer too.. lower service rate means u save buck at the repair shop and due to its efficiency at the pump too.

    i got a vw getta tdi 2009 this year.. and its amazing.. awesome efficiency and low fuel consumption.. people should only by hybrid if they actually live in downtown area and the bus and subway services is too good for them..

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