Which route will give the auto industry its best chance of survival?

The U.S. auto industry is in turmoil, it has spent too many years building inefficient vehicles. Which route will give the auto industry its best chance of survival as the gasoline supply starts to dry up: hybrids, natural gas, hydrogen, fuel cells, electric, steam ? Explain your answer.

Fuels Of the Furture?

What do you think the fuels of the future are or gonna be?
I think Fuel Cells Could Work,i read this some where on how it works. The fuel cells join with hydrogen atoms and create H2O=Water. We all Know Water is something we can drink, so next time your thirsty for something to drink, just pull over and put a cup under the tail pipe!
You got yourself some fresh made water!!
I also have read about hybrids. It's more fuel effciant,but still polluetes the air right?
Link To See How Hybrids Work:

HHO Gas Hydrogen Generator Demo Unit

This is an original demo unit we used when we first started developing and testing on-demand hydrogen generation systems. It uses SS drains and creates incredible convection currents along with a decent gas production.